Supportive Periodontal Treatment (SPT) is a part of periodontal therapy for patients with a history of periodontal disease. It is an extension of active periodontal therapy. Dr. Ramos will collaborate with your general dentist to ensure that you are closely supervised. This includes an update of your medical and dental history, review of X-rays and an oral and soft tissue exam. It also includes a periodontal exam, review of the patient’s plaque control, scaling and root planing in areas, and polishing of the teeth. This is periodontal therapy in which the disease and conditions are monitored closely and are reduced or eliminated.

Therapeutic Goals

  • To minimize progression and recurrence of periodontal disease in patients who have been treated for gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • To reduce tooth loss, by monitoring the teeth and any prosthetic replacements of the natural teeth.
  • To increase diagnosis and treatment of other disease or conditions found in the mouth in a timely manner.