Types of anesthesia to control your anxiety and put your mind at ease.

More and more patients are becoming proactive with their periodontal health and know the consequence of untreated disease. But despite all this, the anxiety and fear can get in the way of seeking the appropriate care. Sedation is definitely available to make your treatment pleasant and comfortable. This option has eased many patients and have removed road blocks that made them avoid the benefits of periodontal treatment.

Sedation dentistry refers to the use of medication to make your dental visit as relaxed as possible. Sedation is most commonly used during extensive procedures, for patients with dental phobia or for patients who find it difficult to sit still. There are different types of sedation, including nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), Conscious IV sedation, oral sedatives and general anesthetic.

Sedation can range from the use of nitrous oxide to calm a patient to general anesthetics used to put patients to sleep. Patients with dental phobia, low pain tolerance, major dental treatment, physical handicaps or strong gag reflexes may require sedation.

Sedation is endorsed by the American Dental Association and is an effective way to make many patients comfortable during their dental visit. Before using a sedative or anesthetic, it is important to tell your dentist about any medications or medical treatments you are receiving. Before administering any sedative or anesthetic, your dentist will talk to you about the process of sedation and pre-and post-sedation instructions.

“Laughing Gas”
Nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, is often used as a conscious sedative during a dental visit. The nitrous oxide is administered with a mixture of oxygen and has a calming effect that helps phobic or anxious patients relax during their dental treatment. Because it is a mild sedative, patients are still conscious and can talk to their dentist during their visit. After treatment, the nitrous is turned off and oxygen is administered for five minutes to help flush any remaining gas out of your system. The effects wear off almost immediately. Nitrous oxide rarely has side effects. Dr. Ramos and her staff will provide you with pre-and post-sedation instructions.

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