Deep periodontal pockets may not heal completely after scaling and root planing. Surgery may be needed to decrease the deep gum pockets, remove inflamed tissue and reduce damage to the bone supporting the teeth.

Surgery allows Dr. Ramos to access hard-to-reach areas under the gum and along the roots where plaque and tartar have accumulated. By eliminating this bacteria and regenerating bone, the gum can reattach. This creates shallow and normal gum pockets that are easier to maintain and reachable by your floss and toothbrush bristles.

If you are a candidate, Dr. Ramos may recommend a combination of osseous surgery and guided bone regeneration. This includes bone grafts, which rebuild or reshape bone destroyed by periodontal disease.

Membranes (filters), bone grafts or tissue stimulating proteins may be used to enhance your body’s natural ability to regenerate tissue and bone.