What is a dental implant?

Think of a dental implant as a root replacement. The “root” is made of titanium that will bond to your bone almost like your own root. Your dentist will place a crown on this root completing the replacement of the tooth that was lost.

Benefits of dental implants

Teeth play a very important role in your life. Whether you are talking, laughing, smiling or having a meal with friends, your teeth are involved. A dental implant offers both function and aesthetics as a result for replacement teeth that look and feel as close to your natural teeth.

Dental implant treatment:

  • Provides the closest and best possible replacements to your natural teeth
  • Replacement teeth are stable for eating, talking and smiling with confidence
  • No other teeth are affected by your dental implant
  • No discomfort caused by dentures
  • The bone is preserved in the jaws
  • Face shape is maintained

The beauty of having natural teeth

Life is more enjoyable when you have beautiful and healthy teeth. A lovely smile enhances your appearance and gives you added confidence, a sense of well-being and comfort. Are you missing one or more teeth, or suffering from uncomfortable dentures? Implants provide replacement teeth that are close in look, feel and function to your natural teeth.